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Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) spinal cord stimulation effectively relieves chronic pain symptoms that are hard to treat or persist despite conventional therapies. At Integrity Pain Consultants, board-certified physician Kenneth Homolya, MD, specializes in DRG spinal cord stimulation, giving their patients an effective option for treating pain that’s not targeted by other spinal cord stimulators. To learn if you’re a good candidate for this innovative treatment, call one of the five offices in Hermitage, Nashville, Hendersonville, or Cookeville, Tennessee, or book an appointment online today.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Q & A

What is dorsal root ganglion spinal cord stimulation?

Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) spinal cord stimulation blocks nerve signals using electrical stimulation. Sending mild electrical impulses into the DRG blocks the pain signals before they reach your brain. When your brain doesn’t receive the message, your pain is significantly diminished.

Why target the DRG during spinal cord stimulation?

Ganglia are groups of nerves located just outside the spinal cord at each vertebra. Sensory nerves carrying information from a specific area of your body meet at the ganglia before they continue into the spinal canal and up to your brain.

When spinal cord stimulation targets the DRG, the pain signals being carried by all the nerves in that ganglion are blocked. As a result, you get pain relief for a broad area of your body.

What conditions are treated with DRG spinal cord stimulation?

DRG spinal cord stimulation alleviates pain that originates in areas that other spinal cord stimulators don’t treat well. While most spinal cord stimulators relieve pain caused by spine problems, DRG stimulation works well for pain in your feet, knees, hands, groin, chest, and abdomen. 

DRG stimulation is also FDA-approved to relieve the pain of complex regional pain syndrome, which causes intense foot or hand pain. Dr. Homolya treats nerve-related pain often associated with your knees using DRG stimulation.

How does DRG stimulation work?

Your provider at Integrity Pain Consultants threads narrow lead wires through the epidural space along your spine and into the intervertebral foramen where the DRG is located. Each lead has electrodes that are placed over the DRG.

They also implant a small generator under your skin that sends mild electrical current to the lead wires, which the wires transmit into the DRG. You’ll also have a handheld remote that controls the generator.

How can I know if DRG spinal cord stimulation works for me?

You’ll have a trial period with the DRG spinal cord stimulator so you can determine how well it relieves your pain. Your provider at Integrity Pain Consultants places a temporary lead wire next to the targeted DRG and you wear a generator outside your body.

After about a week, you’ll know if the DRG stimulator works for you. If it doesn’t, it’s easy to remove. If it does, your provider implants the wire so you can get long-term pain relief.

To learn if DRG spinal cord stimulation might be a good option for relieving your pain, call Integrity Pain Consultants or schedule an appointment online today.